What Burble Offers

Why Use Burble

If you're in need of a solution that makes life easy for your staff and customers, then you've come to the right place. Burble Software was developed by a DZO (and programmer) who understands the pain points of the skydiving industry. Feeling frustrated with the disconnect between a reservations program and manifest system, Franz Gerschwiler created Burble. Franz and his staff are constantly updating and improving Burble and in just a few short years it has become the number one DZ Management software in the world.

Thinking of using Burble? Here's Why You Should!

  1. Customer Service - we are known for our customer service because we are responsive. Our clients will attest that when help is needed, we are a phone call away. We recognize that software is only as good as the support.
  2. Cloud Based - expensive, on-site servers are not required. Access your DZ's data from any location.
  3. Continuous Development - Burble is continuously evolving with more powerful tools. As technology and the needs of our customers change, so do we.
  4. Mature and tested. All of Burble's features are tested and proven to work at both small and large DZs.
  5. Competitive Pricing - multiple pricing plans to suit the needs of both the small, mid-sized and large DZ with affordability in mind.
  6. Increased Profits - Burble encourages group booking growth through ease of sharing on social media and allowing group leaders to easily add group members through group booking numbers. We make it easy for customers to spend money with your business with our modern and user-friendly platform.

Pays For Itself: More Efficiency, Less Waste, Greater Revenues

  1. Group bookings will grow through ease of sharing.
  2. Time will be saved through ease of use by staff allowing for more calls per hour.
  3. Finances will be controlled by reducing the number of mistakes caused by data entry errors.
  4. Burble protects the DZ from mistakes that could lead to a law suit such as load overweight and reserves out of date.
  5. Staff are better able to provide excellent customer service which leads to a better reputation and more sales.
  6. Bookings are more likely to be completed due to ease of use for the customer.

We aren't just guessing about best practices. We have done the research and experimented on our own dropzone. We know what it takes to convert a customer which is why we pay attention to every detail of the booking experience.