Burble Me APP for Experienced Jumpers

BurbleMe (optional) is the Sport Skydivers tool for self manifesting at your local dropzone.

With it skydivers are able to check in, self manifest, load organize, send the dropzone their location when they land out, view their transaction history and maintain a full electronic logbook. The power of Burble Me is awesome!


Self Manifesting

No more lining up at manifest. Now you can put yourself and your friends on a load with a couple of clicks. Great for fun jumpers, load organizers and teams alike.

Transaction History

Complete history of every transaction you have made at your dropzone. No more bothering manifest at the end of the day. Be their best friend and check your jumps on your phone.

Log Book

A full electronic log book automatically keeps track of your jumps at any Burble enabled dropzone (you can add jumps made at other dropzones manually). You can save signatures and pictures of the people you jump with making it a full electronic logbook.

Location Notifier

Landed out? Let the dropzone know where you are. You can now send the DZ a message from the app that will send your GPS coordinates and display your location in a map back at the dropzone. Your status - "Injured", "ok, need a ride" or "ok, walking back" is also sent at the same time.

Load timer: Get an alert when your load is due to depart.

NEW - Burble Me for the Apple Watch

The latest update of BurbleMe now includes an app for the Apple Watch!