Dropzone Reporting


If you're like many DZ operators, you like to track everything closely to ensure maximum efficiency. Burble allows you to do this! Burble Software will allow you to quickly and easily create many different types of reports including:

Cash Drawer Report

Displays your daily sales data. Simply click on any number to see additional details.

Report Screen

Houses a variety of reports showing everything from payments taken, to type of jumps made, to Sales Tax collected. You can export any level of data as an Excel Spreadsheet.

Load Reports

Allows you to view historical load averages across any given time period. With the load report you can easily see jumpers, weight on board, Load Master, and S&TA/DZSO on any given load.

Liabilities and Receivables Report

Shows which jumpers owe you and which carry balances on account. Also shows liabilities for gift cards and Block Jumps that are unredeemed.

Sales Reports

Categorizes booking sales by creator so you can see how many bookings were made by customers themselves, by staff members, and by agent sales.