Burble Bookings

Group Oriented

Make Group Bookings Easy

One of the most powerful features of Burble Bookings is the ease in which groups can make reservations. For years, online reservations systems have forced group leaders to individually call the DZ to add additional names to a group booking and pay a deposit. In other words, other systems made it difficult for groups to spend money with us and on our terms (only during our operational hours). With Burble Bookings, groups can book online 24/7 with ease.

How It Works

When a group leader makes a booking, the system automatically assigns a group number. The group leader can share this number easily on social media or with friends. This allows your customers to recruit and market for your DZ! With that group number, group members can quickly add themselves to the time slot, night or day!

Our DZ clients love this feature because the system not only takes bookings but it makes it easy for your clients to build their group sizes which adds to your bottom line.


  • Makes it quick and easy for the customer to get a group together.
  • Provides shareable group numbers, and tools for friends to join in
  • Easy to do on any device: Home PC, Tablet, or Phone