Burble DZM

Mission Control

Powerful - Truly a "Mission Control" System

Burble DZM puts the power of organization and simplicity in the hands of your manifesters. Manifest will have a clear overview of the operation allowing them to run the operation more efficiently. Burble DZM offers what you would expect with drag and drop manifesting, but also includes unique features like load standby lists (for jumpers wishing to get on a full load).


  • Full, accurate control over load timing.
  • Intelligent estimates for timing of consecutive loads.
  • Standby lists and group pads make it easy to control the intake of jumpers, and organize and modify groups
  • Drag and drop jumpers between staging areas and manifested loads; easily modify as many times as necessary
  • Fully customized manifest displays help staff and sport jumpers know what's happening and avoid unnecessary questions
  • Real-time information updates