Burble DZM

Reduces Manifest Workload

Reduces Manifest Workload

We believe a manifest system should work with a manifest, not against it. Burble is designed to reduce the workload and make organizing loads easier than ever.


  • Automated load calls ensure skydivers are kept up to date, and relieve manifesters of the need to constantly watch the clock (optional)
  • Automatic load tracking and alerts allow the manifester to focus on the job of organizing loads

Sport Jumper Self Manifesting (optional)

Another added feature is the ability for sport jumpers to manifest themselves (optional) which greatly reduces long lines at manifest and allows manifest to be more focused on turning loads efficiently.

  • Sport jumpers can add themselves to loads with a few clicks using their Burble membership RFID card.
  • Full control by manifest as to how many slots are available to sport jumpers or if a load can even be seen.